Town Meeting wants you!

A couple (politically) plugged in BloggingBelmont readers have asked me to call attention to an upcoming information meeting for those of you who might be interested in running for Town Meeting and actually having the opportunity to solve some of the problems you see around you — potholes, crowded classrooms, high taxes. As you know, there’s deep concern about the low level of citizen participation in local politics in recent years. We’ve had more than a few election cycles where there weren’t enough candidates to fill out the available slots for Town Meeting. That’s fueled well-intentioned efforts to shrink Town Meeting down – an idea that Town Meeting roundly rejected this fall.

But now the bill’s come due: a local election looms with lots of open TM slots to fill. A good way to send a message that Belmont likes Town Meeting the way it is, and is ready to do what it takes to keep this venerable New England institution going strong is to stand for election.

Town Meeting Wants You!

I’m up for re-election in Precinct 8 for my second, three year term this year. I can honestly say that Town Meeting is a great way to get engaged in town politics and make a difference. For working folks or parents with young children, its also a VERY manageable time commitment. A couple evenings a year – that’s about it.  Now the League of Women Voters is sponsoring an orientation session where you can learn more about Town Meeting and what you need to do to run.

Here’s the information:

Are You Concerned about

Belmont’s Roads, Schools, Taxes?

Then run for Town Meeting!

Learn about Town Government and How You Can Become a Town Meeting Member

Thursday, January 14, 2010, 7:30 pm.

All Saints’ Church (Brewster Hall)

17 Clark St., Belmont, MA

A Panel of Current Town Meeting Members will Discuss the Importance of Town Meeting, what it Means to Be a Town Meeting Member, and Provide Tips on Running.

Town Clerk Delores Keefe will provide election information.

For more information on Elections and Local Government go to:

Sponsored by the Belmont League of Women Voters

Education Fund