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Massachusetts 2020 Ballot Question 1 (Right To Repair): What You Need To Know

Man in auto repair shop

Ballot Question 1 seeks to expand Massachusetts auto right to repair law. What will a YES vote do? Here’s the information you need to decide.

Belmont’s Steaming Ahead to Leave Civil Service. Here are 5 Reasons I’ll Be Voting NO

Quint Jaws

Our political leaders are treating Town Meeting like their rubber stamp: making cost and diversity arguments, but providing no data to back them up and no concrete vision for what happens after we approve their plan. I’ll be voting NO and ask you to join me.

Re-Elect Dave Rogers for Representative

Dave Rogers for Rep Lawn Sign

Dave’s dedication to the job of being a State Representative was apparent to me the very first time we met: on my doorstep on a sweltering summer afternoon in 2012.

Many Victories in a Narrow Defeat

Jessie Bennett I Voted

Even 14 years ago when I moved to town – let alone the Belmont of 30 or 40 years ago- a Jessie Bennett in Belmont simply would not have stood for election for Selectman, let alone win six precincts and come within 128 votes of winning it all. In that Belmont, nobody would have encouraged her to run and there would have been no infrastructure to carry her campaign to the finish line.

Today is Town Election Day – Go Vote!!

A reminder to Blogging Belmont readers: today is election day in town. If you’re 18 or older and registered, your civic duty and responsibility is to go vote. So go vote!! Polls opened at 7:00 AM and will stay open…

The Thuggish Style in Belmont Politics

A candidate for elected office in our Town of Homes has been the target of physical and verbal intimidation and threats. It’s a crass and thuggish attempt to drive him out of the Board of Selectmen’s race.

Austin’s Story: the Tragedy of Solitary Confinement in our State Prisons

On June 19th at a statehouse hearing on criminal justice bills, including solitary confinement bills, I gave a statement about the young man I visit in solitary confinement in the hope that my experience will reveal this barbaric practice for…

The Curious Optimism of a Disaffected Progressive

I am a fairly pessimistic person. And on this day, an American liberal can find much to be pessimistic about. And yet as I reflect on this election and what it means, I find myself feeling fairly hopeful.

Cambridge’s Rogers Wins Dem Primary In State Rep Race – Patch

Rogers won the Democratic primary and will face Tomi Olson and Jim Gammill in November. Candidate Dave Rogers of Cambridge turned a surprise upset in the Democratic primary to fill a vacant seat in the State Legislature vacated when Will…

Lougee, Griffiths Win For School Committee, Rojas On Top In Selectman’s Race By 32 Votes (Will There Be A Recount)?

As reported by the Belmont Patch:  the Selectman’s race turned into an unbelievably close race. After the ballots were counted, Planning Board member Andy Rojas came out on top  in the race to fill the seat of a retiring Angelo Firenze…