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Town Meeting wants you!

Town Meeting is a great (and low-stress) way to get involved in town politics. Interested? The League of Women Voters is hosting an information session on January 14 at 7:30PM to talk about what it means to be a Town Meeting member and provide tips on running.

Comparing stimulus plans: Great Depression vs. Great Recession

$38 million in federal stimulus funds for Belmont? You betcha! That was the value, in today’s dollars, of a town plan, approved by the federal government, to rapidly modernize Belmont after World War II.

Next week: Meeting on Belmont 2.0

Ready for Belmont 2.0? Mapping Belmont’s Renewal is a forum on Wed, April 16th. Sponsored by the Planning Committee and Office of Community Development, it will solicit residents’ input on important development considerations such as the need for economic development, building sustainable neighborhoods, quality of life issues, as well as parking, transportation, land use and open space/recreation.

Shovel ready? Roads, sewers on list of projects considered for bailout money

Town officials submitted no fewer than 17 shovel ready projects to the state, with a price tag north of $30 million. Road, sewer and other improvement to municipal buildings top the list and range from a $14m project to rebuild 2.5 miles of new roadway and improved drainage along Trapelo Rd. and Belmont St., to a $35 request for a fan to blow exhaust out of the town’s municipal garage.

Eats roads for breakfast…

After months of back and forth and, sadly, a failed Prop 2 1/2 Override vote to fund comprehensive road reconstruction in town, repaving, such as it is, kicked off this week across town. I’m not usually one who stops to…

Road repairs will start in August, cost $200k less than planned.

As you may be aware, there’s good news and bad news when it comes to Belmont’s roads. First the good news — road repair in town will soon be underway! According to Glenn Clancy, the town’s Director of Community Development,…

Warning shot: roads override defeated. (But it was close!)

Voters in Belmont, Massachusetts sent a warning shot on Monday, voting down an effort to pass a Prop 2 1/2 override to fund road maintenance and reconstruction in the town. According to data posted on the Belmont Town Web site today by Town Clerk Delores Keefe, the vote was a close one with 2602 voters saying “No” and 2269 saying “Yes” – a difference of just 333 votes.

Roads override? Bring it!

The results of the first-ever bloggingbelmont readers’ poll are in, and they show strong (if statistically suspect) support for the upcoming roads override vote on June 9, as well as for the likely debt exclusion vote for Wellington Elementary. Forty…