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Crazy ideas for 2009: Change a light campaign

BMLD or some other entity orchestrates a door to door campaign offering free bulbs to homeowners. Volunteers could help screw them into their outdoor fixtures ON THE SPOT.

Lonely vigil on Brighton St. as gas leak enters its second week

How will a company that has to wait two weeks to get a part made to fix a single broken gas main during normal business respond when a real disaster strikes?

Crazy ideas for ’09: Fast track the Library

Find a place for the new library and you’ve got your new Police Station. You may also have found an answer to the Underwood/Skating Rink question, too.

Crazy ideas for ’09: Smaller is better for Town Meeting

Town Meeting, as it currently exists in Belmont, is too large and too unwieldy to serve the town as it should.

Happy Holidays! Now about Next Year…

A First Night celebration in Belmont would bring residents together, help out our downtown shops, and attract more businesses to town.

The high costs of doing nothing

The town’s older schools are going to require capital investments that are 10x to 20x greater than the one new school (Chenery) in the next few years…and these are just the repairs that we know about.

New: Get BloggingBelmont delivered via e-mail

BloggingBelmont has added a new subscription feature.

Reader Poll: A new role for the Benton Branch Library?

As many readers may already know, the Library Board of Trustees recently voted to close the Benton Branch library after more than a century of operation. According to this article in the Belmont Citizen Herald, the recent decision to close…

PJ’s Paradox: planning for the future in a troubled economy

Reading the comments that B2’s loyal readers leave is usually more interesting than reading my blog posts. While I’m usually content to leave them as comments, occasionally readers suggest ideas that are so interesting they deserve their own post (and…

Eats roads for breakfast…

After months of back and forth and, sadly, a failed Prop 2 1/2 Override vote to fund comprehensive road reconstruction in town, repaving, such as it is, kicked off this week across town. I’m not usually one who stops to…