Information session on the Wellington – Tuesday evening!

A quick note to the B2 community that there will be a series of Q&A sessions about the Wellington School Project this week. The most important of these is on Tuesday evening, May 19, at 7:00 PM in the Chenery Middle School Auditorium, when a town-wide informational forum on the Wellington will be held. The program includes officials from both the School Dept. and Town, as well as the State to answer questions about the Wellington project.

Speakers include:

  • Katherine Craven Executive Director, Massachusetts School Building Authority
  • Pat Aubin Superintendent of Schools
  • Pat Brusch Member, Wellington Building Committee
  • Mark Haley Chair, Wellington Building Committee
  • Ralph Jones Belmont Selectman
  • Jonathan Levi Levi/Burt Hill, New Wellington Architect *
  • Ann Rittenburg Chair, School Committee
  • Amy Wagner Principal, Wellington Elementary School
  • Floyd Carman Town Treasurer

Also, there will be information sessions concerning relocation plans for Wellington Students on Monday (Butler) and Wednesday (Burbank) mornings at 9:00 AM. School Committee and School Administration officials will be available to answer questions about how and where Wellington students will be accommodated during the construction period.