It’s In the Books: Library Passes with 57% of Vote, Rink falls short

After more than two decades of discussions, planning, meeting, re-meeting and re-planning, Belmont will have a new library, after voters gave the green light to construction of a new public library with a decisive victory on Question 5.

The preliminary vote count has the library debt exclusion receiving 6763 YES votes and 4916 NO voters, with about 700 votes still outstanding. (Domestic, mail in ballots postmarked by today can be counted until Nov. 12. International votes can be counted until Nov. 18.)

Town Clerk Ellen Cushman reading election results Tuesday evening.

After two decades: new library gets a green light

The results mean that Belmont will be able to surpass the state’s Proposition 2 1/2 to issue debt to pay for the demolition of the current library and construction of a brand new facility. It follows a lively campaign, an insurgent “no” campaign and more than a decade-long effort to get a debt exclusion on the ballot – an effort that saw Belmont forego state matching funds and even contemplate relocating the library to School Department property across Concord Ave. Stay tuned for more analysis on this (big) victory for Belmont’s families, seniors and professionals

Rink comes up short

The news was not good for supporters of Question 6, a similar debt exclusion measure to fund a renovation of the Viglirolo Ice Rink. The final count there was 5613 YES votes and 5978 NO votes. With a narrow 365 vote margin of defeat, it is still possible that Question 6 could flip, though with just 700 votes outstanding, it is unlikely that supporters can make up the margin.

I’ll offer more thoughts on the full election results in the days ahead.

A big congratulations to everyone who work on the Yes for the Library campaign!!