Belmont needs a new Library. Here’s how you can help!

Belmont voters have a fateful choice this November: whether to vote to fund the construction of a new (and gorgeous) facility to replace our failing public library on Concord Ave, or whether to pass on funding to that project and – in all likelihood – see our library close in the face of millions of dollars of needed structural repairs, critical system updates and safety fixes, compulsory Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) improvements and more, with no available public funds to pay for them.

And, once our library closes – for whatever reason – Belmont residents lose access to a local library, but also to the entire Minuteman Library Network that currently gives us access to the collections of all our surrounding towns’ libraries.

So…the choice is simple: Belmont needs a new library capable of serving the (21st century) needs of this vibrant community. But just voting the right way come November 8 isn’t enough. The Vote YES for the Library campaign needs you to step up, step out and speak loud to help make our new public library a reality. With that in mind, here are some things that Blogging Belmont readers can do to help make our new library a reality between now and November 8.

A view of the children’s room in the proposed Belmont Library building. Voters will choose on November 8 whether to fund construction of the facility.

Get informed

As the November vote approaches, you’re sure to hear voices opposed to funding the construction of a new library facility. Their arguments will, more or less, be the same arguments that have been used to oppose (literally) every other capital project this Town has ever proposed – from the construction of a new Wellington elementary school to the rebuilding of the Underwood Pool and (of course) the 7-12 school. Namely: “Why don’t they just fix up what’s there!” “They want to build a palace; we should just make do with what we have!” “This town wastes money!” etc. etc.

In the case of the Library, these questions have all been answered many (many) times over. To bring you up to speed on why we need a new library, the Library Board of Trustees is hosting a series of tours in the coming weeks. The first is September 27 from 7-9PM. You can find the full schedule here.

Or, you can get up to speed by watching the excellent video prepared by the Library highlighting the many problems with the current facility and why building a new structure is the only reasonable course of action.

Donate to the YES campaign

Having the facts on your side, unfortunately, isn’t enough. A successful vote on funding the construction of a new public library demands a well-funded campaign to fund yard signs, mailings, ads and other efforts to get the word out. You can donate to VOTE YES LIBRARY at or use the button below!

Get a Lawn Sign!!

Do lawn signs make a difference? Hell, yeah! The Vote YES for the Library campaign wants to plant a lawn sign in your yard. The more signs that are out there, the more potential voters become aware of the question before them in November, and the more visible the groundswell of support for the new library will be.

To get a lawn sign on your lawn, email yesforlibraryyardsign(at)gmail(dot)com and include your name and address. The campaign will deliver one to you!

Get Involved!

Finally, winning the vote will require the efforts of all of us. We need hundreds of people, like you, talking to their friends, holding signs, hosting information sessions, writing letters and adding their name to our supporters list.

Tell the YES campaign how you want to help by visiting:, or using the button below!