From the Patch: Why Will Won (Hint: Tip Was Right!)

So…hopefully you all know by now about Will’s victory in the Democratic Primary last night. If you’re hearing it for the first time now, I’d refer you to this write up in the Belmont Citizen Herald, or this one at The Globe (onerous paywall). After that, though, I just saw this excellent analysis by Franklin over at the Patch and thought I’d pass it along. Franklin’s Why Will Won: Staying Close to Home Pays Off for Brownsberger – Belmont, MA Patch pretty well sums up my thoughts on the race, which is that – in essence – Belmont beat Watertown. There are many reasons for that – more than one candidate who called Watertown home and split voters there, for example, and a smart and focused campaign strategy and spending  by Mr. Brownsberger. But I also think its simple enough to say that Will has done a lot for this town as both a State Rep and, before, as a Selectman, and that he’s made a lot more friends than enemies in the process (which, let me tell you, isn’t easy). In the end, Belmontonians of all stripes saw an opportunity to return the favor with a stroll to the polls. Congratulations Will – your victory was well-earned!