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Northern Disclosure: How the Community Path Meeting Went Down

Mass DOT Letter Page 2

The low-down on Mondays Board of Selectmen meeting to discuss the proposed change to the Community Path, after the MBTA raised safety concerns about a proposed route that crosses the tracks at Brighton Street.

From the Patch: Why Will Won (Hint: Tip Was Right!)

So…hopefully you all know by now about Will’s victory in the Democratic Primary last night. If you’re hearing it for the first time now, I’d refer you to this write up in the Belmont Citizen Herald, or this one at…

Vote Will Brownsberger For Senate On Tuesday

I don’t think its any surprise that, of the four, Will garnered the endorsement of both the Boston Globe and the Boston Herald – quite a feat, as the two are hardly kindred spirits editorially. Still, both papers focused on what I’ve found to be Will’s strongest trait as well: his pragmatism, strong ethical rudder and his refusal to adhere to political orthodoxy merely to win votes. That’s why Bloggingbelmont endorses Will Brownsberger for State Senate. Vote Tomorrow!!

Town Meeting Hat Trick: Live Blog

We’re here at the third installment of Town Meeting, after a quick and dirty detour through a special Town Meeting. Rep. Will Brownsberger is giving us an update on the budget picture at the State level and, of intense interest…

More ideas for greening Belmont

An interesting article in the Sunday Globe presents some ideas on making cities (and suburbs?) greeener by “retrofitting” existing infrastructure. Check it out.

Belmont family profiled in Globe story on cuts to social services

Bella English’s excellent story about Belmont’s Burke family and their struggle to raise three lovely daughters who were born with Sanfilippo syndrome, a very rare and fatal degenerative brain disease, put a very human face on the otherwise sterile and bureaucratic machinations on Beacon Hill, where talk of “reductions in services” and “necessary cuts” often mask a more brutal reality. Without help from the State, the caseworkers and educators who help them shoulder the load of caring for three profoundly disabled children will disappear, the lives of families like the Burkes, already hard, will get much harder.

Why we need a new Wellington Elementary: the video

Together for Wellington has released an excellent video about the need to rebuild Wellington Elementary, and addressing questions and concerns about the project. Check it out!

Shovel ready? Roads, sewers on list of projects considered for bailout money

Town officials submitted no fewer than 17 shovel ready projects to the state, with a price tag north of $30 million. Road, sewer and other improvement to municipal buildings top the list and range from a $14m project to rebuild 2.5 miles of new roadway and improved drainage along Trapelo Rd. and Belmont St., to a $35 request for a fan to blow exhaust out of the town’s municipal garage.

Rep. Brownsberger: Thoughts on Question 1

There is a moral dimension to this vote. It is morally wrong to abandon the mentally ill, the mentally retarded, the abused children, the working single mothers who can’t afford health care for their kids and the many others who depend on the state for assistance in one form or another. That’s really what we are talking about — it’s not about optional services and it’s mostly not about waste. – Will Brownsberger on Ballot Question 1

In the Mix: Will Brownsberger (Part 2)

This continues my post from last week on my recent interview with Will Brownsberger, longtime Belmont Selectman and now our State Rep. You can read the first part of the interview here. BloggingBelmont (B2): Bring us up to date on…