Vote Will Brownsberger For Senate On Tuesday

I think highly enough of Will Brownsberger to shake the dust of neglect off poor BloggingBelmont and encourage all of you who still read to send Belmont’s current State Representative  to the State Senate in the special election to be held tomorrow. Some of you may have read my Dec. 1st letter to the Belmont Citizen Herald endorsing Will’s Candidacy for the State Senate seat formerly occupied by Steve Tollman. For those who haven’t, you can read a copy of it here.

Vote for Will for State Senate!

But let me summarize: I’ve known Will for almost six years now. If you’re at all involved in town politics, its hard not to get to know him. Will comes to almost every event or committee meeting of substance – no matter the hour. I really believe that Will has done an amazing job representing the town and, most important of all, getting things done in a political landscape (Beacon Hill) that has no shortage of twists, turns and dead ends. All throughout, Will has comported himself as you’d expect: as someone with a strong understanding of the law (he’s a Harvard Law grad) and a firm moral compass.

This is a crowded field with four candidates. Looked at through the simplistic lens of “liberal” versus “conservative,” many of these candidates seem to clump together. But I don’t think its any surprise that, of the four, Will garnered the endorsement of both the Boston Globe and the Boston Herald – quite a feat, as the two are hardly kindred spirits editorially. Still, both papers focused on what I’ve found to be Will’s strongest trait as well: his pragmatism, strong ethical rudder and his refusal to adhere to political orthodoxy merely to win votes. As both the Herald pointed out in its endorsement, and the Globe in its, he’ exhibited a cool head amid the crisis of the financial collapse in 2008 and 2009, quietly working behind the scenes to prevent a financial calamity in Belmont. He’s listened to the concerns of residents and worked tirelessly to find alternatives to the development in the Uplands. And, throughout, he’s been a champion of more government transparency in a political culture that is rife with cronyism and back door dealing.

I first interviewed Will way back in 2008 and its been a pleasure to work with him ever since – whether on the Wellington override, the OneBelmont campaign, or as a member of School Committee and Town Meeting. He’s been a great advocate for Belmont in the House and he’s the natural choice for the Senate! I encourage you to visit Will’s Web page if you want to learn more, and to vote for Will tomorrow. You won’t be sorry.

Paul Roberts, Editor