It’s a winter wonderland! (And, no, that 75 Bus isn’t coming)

The snow’s coming down hard and Belmont has never looked prettier. Unfortunately, those folks unfortunate enough to go into work today are stuck in the one of the lower rings of Dante’s Hell, with reports of massive traffic snarls and no-show buses on the T. My advice: get home, warm up and try to put the commute out of your mind. You’re gonna need your energy for all the shoveling!

Here are some pix, circa 4:00pm from Cross St. It’s 4:45pm now, and I just saw the first plough go by in what’s sure to be a loooong night for the folks at the DPW.

Cross St. Dec. 13School bus crawling its way to Wynn BrookShot down Cross St.Darkness approachingShot up Cross St. towards Channing