Take The Survey: What Do You Want From A Local Paper?

Editor’s note: I posted this a few days ago but apparently jumped the gun on releasing the survey before it was completed. My apologies for the confusion! I have updated the link to the finalized survey. Please take a few moments to complete it!

Hey Blogging Belmont readers! As you probably have realized, the Belmont Citizen Herald is no longer a “local” paper and doesn’t really cover Belmont, per se. That has been a huge loss for us as a community. It leaves our town without a regular (weekly) paper or local news outlet to keep residents informed of what’s going on in town government and politics, not to mention coverage of our schools and neighborhoods.

A group of volunteer residents would like to change that: standing up a new, local outlet that could again start covering goings on in our “Town of Homes.” But what should that paper look like? What do you – the likely subscribers to this news outlet – want? (Full disclosure: I am part of the group researching our options.)

To help understand what Belmontonians want from a local newspaper (whether print or online), the organizers behind this effort have put together a short survey to gauge reader interests and sentiments. Use the button below to take the survey and let us know what you think!