Selectmen support smart parking meters

Here’s a link to a BCH report on a presentation I did for the Board of Selectmen this past week on the smart meter question. Long and short: the BOS is excited about the prospect of introducing meters and want to move forward with a pilot deployment (likely 2-4 meters) around the Royal Road commuter rail station. I wrote about this a few weeks ago – in essence: the town is giving away parking to commuters and shoppers, and that introducing visually attractive, convenient multi space meters is a great way to start generating new revenue. I estimated around $30k a year for Royal Road. Maybe $100,000 for the main shopping drag around Leonard and Alexander. I’m going to be working with Tom Younger and the other powers that be in town to solicit bids from meter firms and move to the pilot phase.

Oh yeah…and No Freeloader says “Paul Roberts has never seen a Tax he didn’t want to raise to fund his progressive agenda. More money for the teachers’ union naturally, but if he’d go back to Watertown, whence he came, Belmont Taxpayers would save MORE than his parking meter proposal in per pupil costs.

God, what an ass.

Stay tuned.