School Committee meeting Tuesday is opportunity to speak out against cuts

I am writing after attending a Warrant Committee (education) subcommittee meeting.  Everyone needs to stay alert to the fact that the stimulus money keeps shrinking in effectiveness.  It is my understanding that the 18 teachers, including 5 at the High school and an entire team at Chenery and a fifth grade teacher, along with 6 elementary teachers, are still not officially back in.  We need to be at these meeting to show our support, educate ourselves, and voice our opinions.

Tuesday night there is a school committee meeting at Chenery at 7:30- please come.  We will not be given the opportunity to vote for an opperational override this year, unfortunately, but there will be a great need for one next year.  This is a statement I made last year as well.  We were promised an override this year to stop the bleeding, but the selectmen did not follow through.  Starting now, I believe, we need to let everyone know the cost this will have on the children in this community.

I am hopeful that Wellington will pass, but that too is not a done deal.  We need to get the community out in force to vote on June 8 to support the new Wellington.   — Kimberly Becker