Changes coming to BloggingBelmont…

Hello to BloggingBelmont readers. First: an apology for the long delay in posting. Work responsibilities and travel took me off the B2 beat for the last couple weeks and, as this is still (sadly) mostly a one person effort, me going offline with work = thin traffic to BloggingBelmont. I’m anxious to expand the pool of contributors to this blog. With that in mind, I’ll soon be moving BloggingBelmont to a new hosting provider that will enable me to add some much-needed features that aren’t supported by WordPress, the free hosting site I currently use. Among the most important new feature will be an email subscription service that will allow readers to be  notified when new content is posted.

The change will be transparent to readers, though there may be some small hiccups in service as we transition to a new hosting provider. Be patient — and here’s looking forward to an exciting Summer and Fall in Belmont!