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Move to Belmont? What’s Your Advice?

A prospective home buyer writes me to say that they love the idea of living in Belmont, but have “reservations” about the town’s commitment to its schools. What’s your take? And what’s your elevator pitch for (or against) Belmont?

News without Newspapers

An article in the New York Times talks about the growth of hyperlocal news, led by community and neighborhood blogs. In Belmont, the Citizen Herald says it will do a revamp of its print edition in the coming months to modernize the look and coverage of the paper and BloggingBelmont is planning changes as it nears its second anniversary!

Changes coming to BloggingBelmont…

Hello to BloggingBelmont readers. First: an apology for the long delay in posting. Work responsibilities and travel took me off the B2 beat for the last couple weeks and, as this is still (sadly) mostly a one person effort, me…