Wellington Tour: Stop 2 – teeny, tiny classrooms

In Part II of our behind the scenes, raw and unedited tour of Wellington Elementary, we go with Wellington parent Karen Parmett to one of the kindergarten classrooms where 23 kids cram into a ca. 1960s classroom that’s just 700 square feet — around 25% smaller than Mass. State guidelines. And its cold, to boot, with single pane glass windows running the length of the room. I didn’t get a chance to film this, but Karen talked about having to bundle her child up so she could stay warm in class during the winter. Ironic, given that folks in other parts of Wellington are peeling off layers to compensate for the gonzo-steam heating system. More food for thought with an override for repairs and improvements at Wellington top on the agenda this winter! ….[youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TBAWFBuOMqU]