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LeClerc looking for compromise on budget, capital spending

With the town facing a swift economic contraction and the loss of state aid, even as it juggles multiple, competing spending issues, Selectman Dan LeClerc is hoping Belmont will steer a middle path: accepting some cuts in services while supporting important projects such as the construction of a new Wellington Elementary School and the preservation of teacher positions at the elementary, middle and high school levels.

94% of parents opt for full day kindergarten

This is somewhat old news, but given BloggingBelmont’s long running coverage of the push by parents in town for a  Full Day Kinergarten program, I thought it was worth calling readers’ attention to a little noticed factoid from a recent BCH article…

Wellington Tour: Stop 2 – teeny, tiny classrooms

In Part II of our behind the scenes, raw and unedited tour of Wellington Elementary, we go with Wellington parent Karen Parmett to one of the kindergarten classrooms where 23 kids cram into a ca. 1960s classroom that’s just 700…