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Running for re-election? You bet!

It hasn’t even been a year since I was elected to a one year term on School Committee. But with time flying by, its time to ramp up and run again – this time for a full three year term. This is my official notice to the BloggingBelmont readership and the public: Yes, I’m running for re-election!

Town Meeting wants you!

Town Meeting is a great (and low-stress) way to get involved in town politics. Interested? The League of Women Voters is hosting an information session on January 14 at 7:30PM to talk about what it means to be a Town Meeting member and provide tips on running.

Can Belmont be a lab for green innovation?

Now that the Board of Selectmen has endorsed (by a 2-1 vote) Sustainable Belmont’s proposal for a Climate Action Plan (CAP), the big question is: what next? An article in last week’s New York Times lays out some promising green energy programs that other suburbs are trying.

Health care Town Hall Meeting with Rep. Markey Monday

Our own U.S. Representative Ed Markey (D-Malden), a senior member of the Energy and Commerce Committee in the U.S. House of Representatives, is hosting a health care reform town hall meeting Monday evening (Oct. 12th) at Arlington Town Hall (730 Massachusetts Avenue) starting at 6:30 p.m.

Obama’s radical message to kids? Dream big. Study hard. Don’t quit!

The rancor over President Obama’s speech to children tomorrow doesn’t reflect well on either side. As is often the case in brush ups like this, the needs and opinions of the kids in question have been pushed to the side…the better to clear space for the grown ups to fight. Hopefully President Obama’s words will put the debate to rest. His message: dream big, study hard, and don’t give up – no matter the odds.

Middlesex DA: officers’ group must abide by Open Meeting Law

The Assistant District Attorney for Middlesex County has issued guidance to the town’s political leadership, declaring that an informal, private gathering of some of the Town’s top elected officials is bound by the State’s open meeting law and asking that the group submit a report to serve as a record of its activities.

Town: officials didn’t violate Open Meeting (but will meet publicly anyway)

The Belmont Citizen Herald is reporting that Belmont’s legal counsel has issued a response to the Middlesex District Attorney that claims town officials who met behind closed doors to formulate plans to discuss the consolidation of School and Town services were not doing so in violation of the State’s Open Meeting Laws.

District Attorney looking into Belmont Officers Group

The Middlesex District Attorney’s Office is inquiring into the doings of an informal, private gathering of some of the Town’s top elected officials with questions about whether the group ran afoul of the State’s Open Meeting Law, according to the Belmont Citizen Herald.

Closed government? Questions hang over new Town-School consolidation plan

Belmont’s latest consolidation plan is the product of an informal and closed door group of the Town’s senior elected officials that some have dubbed the “Officers’ Group.” Is Belmont closing the doors on Open Government?

Belmont mentioned in Globe article on overrides

Belmont’s name showed up on a list of 11 Bay State towns that had passed Prop 2 1/2 overrides, despite the rough economy. The article, on the front page of today’s Globe,talks about overrides for schools, libraries and public services passing in towns like Rockland, Milton.