Halloween 2021: Skeletons and Pumpkins and Rainbows…Oh my!

Halloween and Thanksgiving are – hands down- my favorite holidays of the year. And, after our weird “do we or don’t we?” Halloween in 2020, Dr. Fauci gave the “all clear” sign for 2021 and it was great to see kids in costume and back on the streets of Belmont on Sunday evening. If there were masks, they were the scary kind…and that’s all right by me.

Lucky Charms caliber rainbow on Halloween…not strange at all. 😛 (View looking down Channing Road.)

The trick or treating was just the latest sign that things are kind of sort of returning to normal. But, like most other things these days, Halloween 2021 wasn’t really all that normal: what with random downpours and a crazy, amazing double rainbow earlier in the day. (See below.)

I’ve pulled together some highlights from Belmont Halloween 2021 here: the amazing skeleton displays on Hillcrest Ave and a slideshow of carved pumpkins from around town. (Thanks to all the folks who shared pumpkin photos with me on Facebook.)

Great job to all those who helped keep the Halloween Spirit (pun) alive and well in the Town of (Spooky) Homes this year!

Pumpkin Palooza!

I love the smell of pumpkin guts in the morning. It smells like…Halloween. And also “my childhood.” In any case, carving up pumpkins is a big part of the joy of Halloween and one of the few purely creative, expressive outlets that harried, anxious suburban adults have. That’s why I think we really need to celebrate the pumpkin carvings we find out and about on Halloween. Here are some great examples seen on the doorsteps and porches of Belmont this Octobe

  • Barfing Pumpkin Belmont
  • Pumpkin gallery Belmont
  • Barfing Pumpkin Belmont
  • Spooky Face Pumpkin Belmont
  • Kitty Cat pumpkin Belmont
  • Skeleton Hand pumpkin Belmont
  • Scary pumpkin with mustache Belmont
  • Toothy Grin Pumpkin Belmont
  • Pumpkin gallery Tabletop Belmont
  • Gourd pumpkins Belmont
  • Surprise face pumpkins
  • Pumpkins - Owl and Smiley Face Belmont
  • Pumpkin Gallery Porch Belmont
  • Boo Pumpkin Belmont
  • Pumpkin Gallery Belmont
  • Spider pumpkin Belmont
  • Wolf howling pumpkin Belmont
  • Ghost pumpkin Belmont
  • Bat + ghost pumpkin Belmont
  • Grim reaper pumpkin Belmont
  • round eyed pumpkin Belmont
  • spooky owl pumpkin belmont
  • Grinning pumpkin gallery
  • Battle of the bands pumpkins Belmont
  • Cool pumpkin gallery Belmont
  • Apple pumpkin Belmont
  • Spooky ghost pumpkin
  • Cool minimalist pumpkin Belmont
  • Tongue out pumpkin Belmont
  • Fiery pumpkin Belmont
  • Spooky character pumpkin Belmont
  • another toothy grin pumpkin belmont
  • Fang toothed pumpkin Belmont
  • Cool abstract pumpkins Belmont
  • Witch and toothy grin pumpkins Belmont
  • Great Dog pumpkin gallery belmont
  • Crazy Smiling Pumpkin Belmont
  • Bearded santa pumpkin Belmont

Skeletons in the House on Hillcrest

The annual skeleton display on Hillcrest Road has become a Halloween tradition. This year’s collection didn’t disappoint. While last year’s was very “COVID-themed” (as you’d expect), this year’s collection definitely had some fun with the pandemic, but also tipped the hat to the Netflix feel-good series Ted Lasso and the ubiquitous Zoom teleconference platform. Check out the Hillcrest displays in the slideshow below.