It’s Happening! Community Path Progress Meeting Tonight at 7PM

A note to the Blogging Belmont Community about an important meeting tonight (Nov. 4) at 7PM of the Community Path Project Committee (CPPC) to present a 25% design plan for the path that was recently presented to the Department of Transportation (MassDOT).

During the meeting attendees will be provided an opportunity to provide comments and ask questions about the preliminary design of the Belmont Community Path. I’ve provided links to the 25% design document and the meeting agenda below, which includes a Zoom link. I urge you all to attend and bring your questions and comments! CPPC has noted that the 25% design documents are quite technical and hard to scan (unless you’re an engineer or architect), so this meeting is an occasion for the Committee and Nitsch to fill in some of those details for residents and answer questions.

For Belmont residents who have been waiting – literally – decades for the Community Path to be realized, this is an important milestone and moves us further along towards approval of Belmont’s design, access to State and Federal funds to construct the Community Path and a ground breaking on Phase 1 of the path, from Brighton Street to Belmont Center, including the Alexander Street underpass that will connect the Winn Brook neighborhood to the 7-12 school campus and Concord Ave. Exciting stuff!

A link for you to download a copy of the 25% design plans is provided below. Following the meeting, CPPC will provide a copy of the presentation from the public meeting and a link to provide additional comments and ask questions on this website.