COVID Lockdown Day ?? – The Puzzles of Belmont

One thing that Corona Virus/COVID-19 has given us here in the Town of Homes is a lot of down time. In fact, the time spent with family or just idling indoors or out may be the silver lining of this pandemic, whatever the damage it does to our communities, businesses economy and so on.

If your family is like ours, the first thing you did when the quarantine came down was to rifle through your closets for puzzles – or even order up some new ones. I, personally, reached out to my neighbor Paul Rickter, a master puzzler, who I know has an amazing collection of challenging puzzles. He kindly walked one over and delivered it to our door…in a paper sack, wearing cloves and keeping his distance.

I posted a couple photos of it to social media in various states of completion and lots of you countered with your own puzzle photos – finished or not. So I thought: I think this would make a great COVID slide show. I put out a call on Facebook and scores of you responded. So, without further ado: here are the Puzzles of Belmont (and a few from outside Belmont) curated by yours truly. There are some amazing ones in here. I’m especially fond of the kitschy Golden Girls puzzle and the awesome, busy camper van/surfing puzzle. Check them all out!