Video: Why We Need to vote YES on Question 4

As election day (November 6) approaches, the campaign for the proposed Belmont 7-12 school is heating up. The issues surrounding the current Belmont High building are complex. The price tag – even with $80 million in state aid – is considerable. So why do we need to vote “YES?”

Well…for lots of reasons that the Yes for Belmont campaign has brought together in one, fun and easy to understand 2 minute video. This is a really great “explainer” that answers most of the big questions about the 7-12 building: what the issues are with the current Belmont High building, how much state funding we’ll receive, how the new building will better serve students and – importantly – the consequences of voting “NO.”

Check out the video now below or point your browser to the Yes for Belmont web site and watch it there!