Tomorrow Evening: Belmont High In Students Own Words

A note to my Blogging Belmont readers: with the campaign to fund a new 7-12 grade facility to replace the aging Belmont High School, current Belmont High students will take part in a Q&A about their experiences in the current facility tomorrow (THUR) at 7:00 PM.

Belmont High School in 1972.

Belmont High School in 1972. Hear current BHS students talk about the challenges of the 46 year old facility tomorrow (THUR) evening at 7PM.

One of the big questions looming in the minds of some voters is why a new 7-12 facility is needed, or why the Town can’t just “fix up” the existing building. But how much do we all really know about what it is like, day in and day out, to try and learn, grow and thrive in the current Belmont High School? Current and former Belmont High students are a great source of “boots on the ground” information about the many ways – big and small – that our circa 1970 high school is failing the students of 2018 – the future professionals of the 21st century.

Walk a Mile in Their Shoes is designed to provide a student’s perspective on the facility we currently offer. You’ll hear firsthand what students think about how their school environment affects how they see and prepare for their next steps; what’s working, what isn’t and what they wish for future students.

This important event will take place tomorrow, Thursday, October 25 at 7pm. Space is limited, but you can reserve a spot by emailing: Members of the Belmont 7-12 School campaign will be there as well to answer questions about the proposed new school and you’re encouraged to bring friends and neighbors to learn more.

You can view the invitation online or learn more about the new 7-12 facility at the Yes for Belmont website.