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Equifax Got you Worried? Attend a Class on Protecting yourself from Online Fraud Saturday

There’s a free class this Saturday on how to protect yourself from online fraud featuring yours truly. We’ll talk about the Equifax breach and how to protect yourself as well as major forms of online fraud like phishing, ransomware and account takeovers. 

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If you’re alive and have been reading the news over the last couple weeks you are no doubt aware of the massive data breach affecting the credit rating firm Equifax, which had data on some 143 million people stolen from its computer systems.

There’s a lot of conflicting news and information out there about the Equifax hack and its impact on consumers. Fortunately for you – if you live in Belmont – there’s a free class this Saturday, September 23rd at the Belmont Public Library Assembly Room.

You can read more here or register using this link.

About the Meeting

Saturday, September 23rd from 1:30-3:30PM in the Library Assembly Room

You can register online at the Reference Desk, or by calling (617) 993-2870. Come learn how to protect your sensitive online data.

I’ll be leading this class and it may feature presentations from other members of our IT Advisory Committee. We’ll review basic forms of online fraud and scams and then work with attendees on ways to improve their online security, including the use of two factor authentication and password managers.

We’re going to talk (of course) about Equifax and what you can do to protect your credit information.

We’re also going to review the major sources of online fraud: phishing attacks, malicious software (including ransomware) and account takeovers and discuss ways to protect yourself from those threats.

You can register for the class using this link.

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