The New School of School Committee

A note to the community that tomorrow (Tuesday) evening at 7:30 in the Chenery Middle School Community Room, the School Committee will be holding the first of a series of School Committee Workshops. These are a new format for Belmont School Committee and are intended to provide a different forum to discuss big picture issues, questions or concerns that face our schools (and our community). The agenda for tomorrow evening’s meeting is posted on the BPS Web site here. I’m really excited about the new Workshop format, as it creates an opportunity for a more open-ended dialog with the community about our shared values and priorities than is possible given the amount of important regular business that fills up most School Committee meetings. There will be a number of these throughout the year focused on different topics.

I hope you’ll take the time to come out to tomorrow night’s meeting at the Community Room at CMS and/or tune in and watch!  I hope to see you tomorrow evening.