To Detroit with love: Obama taps Belmontonian to dismantle..err..rescue G.M.

I meant to link to this article earlier in the week, but fell asleep at my keyboard after another marathon Town Meeting…or was it School Committee session. It’s all a blur now. In any case, David Sanger at the NYT did an interesting profile of the 31-Year-Old in Charge of Dismantling G.M. – turns out he’s a native son of our own Belmont, Brian Deese. Wondering if anyone remembers Brian? If he’s 31, he would have been BHS Class of ’96, I’m guessing? Just another name to add to the long, long list of Belmont notables who have done well for themselves. We’re less well represented inside the Beltway (and that’s D.C., gentlemen, D.C.) I count former CIA director John Deutsch and Henry Kissinger on Wikipedia’s Belmont entry, but not sure of the connection. Of course, Belmont was the home of the John Birch Society for three decades, so there may be some common ground there.