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To Detroit with love: Obama taps Belmontonian to dismantle..err..rescue G.M.

I meant to link to this article earlier in the week, but fell asleep at my keyboard after another marathon Town Meeting…or was it School Committee session. It’s all a blur now. In any case, David Sanger at the NYT…

Fed $ means no Prop 2 1/2 override this year

An estimated $1.3m in stimulus money will help stave off cuts to staffing and materials on the school side and, coupled with some savings from attrition, let the town squeak by for one more year without needing to raise property taxes.

State aid cuts to town could top $800k

Rep. Will Brownsberger says that pre-release figures from Gov. Deval Patrick’s office suggest that Belmont could be looking at a 10% cut in state aid, totalling more than $800,000. But will the Obama Administration ride to the rescue?

Parsing the election results in Belmont

Yes we can! Tuesday, November 4, 2008, was a wonderful and historic day in the life of our nation, and Belmont’s voters turned out in force yesterday to be a part of it. So how did we come down on…