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State’s fiscal freefall could jeopardize local aid

A precipitous drop in State revenues could jeopardize local aid payments and eviscerate funding for social services and education. Suddenly “Read my lips: No new taxes!” doesn’t sound so cool.

State approves $12.4m for Wellington

Word on the street is that, after months of back and forth, the Massachusetts School Building Authority (MSBA) voted unanimously on Wednesday to approve funding for reconstruction of the Wellington Elementary school. Next up: a vote by the town (within 120 days) on a debt exclusion to fund construction.

A shout out for volunteers

Want to be a part of the grass roots? Together for Wellington, the citizen’s group that supports the construction of a new Wellington Elementary School, is looking for volunteers to help us do some canvassing and voter identification both in Prencinct 8 and in other precincts.

Federal aid could direct $1.36m to schools

It’s intended to provide an economic stimulus, but the end result of emergency federal funding in Belmont may be to get the town’s schools back to level funding, according to a story in today’s Belmont Citizen Herald.

The high costs of doing nothing

The town’s older schools are going to require capital investments that are 10x to 20x greater than the one new school (Chenery) in the next few years…and these are just the repairs that we know about.

No November vote on Wellington??

A town-wide vote on a debt exclusion for the construction of a new Wellington Elementary school is unlikely to coincide with this November’s general election, according to a story posted on The Belmont Citizen Herald’s Web page. BCH editors and…

Holland: pay increase controversy was just bad timing

This is the final part of a three-part interview with outgoing Schools Superintendent Peter Holland. The first part of the interview can be read by clicking this link, and the second installment is available here. In this post, Peter and…

Wellington Tour Stop 4: the mystery of the windowless classroom!

Our virtual, behind the scenes tour of Wellington School wraps up today with two videos. In the first, Karen and Bob Martin from BPS, take us down to the basement of Wellington to look at some more substandard classroom space,…

Wellington Tour: Stop 2 – teeny, tiny classrooms

In Part II of our behind the scenes, raw and unedited tour of Wellington Elementary, we go with Wellington parent Karen Parmett to one of the kindergarten classrooms where 23 kids cram into a ca. 1960s classroom that’s just 700…