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Stand with Facts, Not Fear on Welcoming Town Resolution

The proposed Welcoming Town Resolution that Town Meeting will consider Monday is an opportunity for the town to stand by our police and our fellow Belmontonians. It reaffirms the importance of community policing in keeping all of us safe by strengthening the bonds of trust between law enforcement and the public.

Mark your Calendars: Community Path Meeting April 26th

We’re almost there! Belmont’s consultant on the Community Path will hold its 9th public meeting to discuss route options through Town, estimated costs and possible funding sources. Come out on Wed. April 26th at 7:00. CMS Auditorium.

Post Election Analysis: It’s the Turnout, Stupid!

Summary: Higher turnout correlated with larger margins for Adam Dash, the progressive candidate across Belmont last Tuesday. In fact almost all the differences in voting percentages for Dash and his opponent can be explained by voter participation, according to analysis…

Hello from the Other Side (of Election Day)

he right guy won in Belmont on Tuesday, Adam Dash: a better qualified and hopeful candidate with a vision. After the disaster last November, it was an election to restore your faith in elections, even as Belmont continues to struggle with low turnout in April.

Over the top!!

Unofficial results have Adam Dash over the top in the Selectman’s race 3125 to 1808 – a huge victory in a race that saw (relatively) strong turn out. 

Elections Matter: A Guide to Belmont’s Election (Town Meeting)

Elections Matter: A Guide to Belmont’s Election (Town Meeting) – check out the list for precincts 1-8 before you go to the polls.

Elections Matter: A Guide to Tuesday’s Election (Town Wide Offices)

If there was one message that we all received loud and clear back in November its that elections matter. They really, really matter. You showing up to vote can mean the difference between a government that goes to bat for…

Update2: First They Came for the Farmers: Foodie’s landlord opposes Farmers’ Market

Locatelli is objecting to part of the Town’s municipal lot being given over to the Belmont Farmer’s Market, which has dutifully served the community from that location for 11 years. Apparently, Mr. Foley and his employer banked on public resources (a small number of spaces at the back of the Town’s municipal lot) being there to boost the prospects for his private tenant (and the private property owner) despite an 11 year history. If he made any assurances to Foodies about the Market not being there in 2017 and those spots being opened, he was bargaining with an asset he didn’t own or control – always a risky business.

Remember the Town Green (and vote Adam Dash)

If you were as dismayed as I was two years ago, when the Belmont Board of Selectmen defied the will of Town Meeting and the voters by re-drawing an agreed upon and funded plan for the reconstruction of Belmont Center, fear not. You have a champion in next week’s race for Belmont Selectman: Adam Dash.

Important Community Path Meeting This Wednesday, March 8!

There’s a meeting to discuss options for the contested Eastern End of the proposed Community Path tomorrow (Wed) at 7PM in the Town Hall Auditorium. Come out to support smart, safe, 21st century infrastructure in Belmont!