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Opinion: Mischief Unmanaged on Planning Board

Unless you have a passion for things like ‘privatizing public institutions,’ there’s little to admire about the Planning Board’s idea for relocating the public library.

Round 3: Support the Library Tonight at 7:00 PM!

Hey Blogging Belmont readers. I’ve been trying to keep you updated about the ongoing and somewhat strange proposal, by our Planning Board, to relocate the Belmont Public Library from its current location to the site of the Belmont Car Wash…

Selectmen Punt on Library-Car Wash Idea. Go to Planning Board Tonight, or send an E-mail.

The discussion of the Planning Board’s idea to move our Public Library to the Belmont Car Wash on Trapelo Road (wha??) moves to the Senior Center tonight (TUE) where the full Planning Board will discuss the matter. If you can’t make it, I’ve provided email addresses for Planning Board members so you can make your feelings known. 

What the B**k??! Belmont’s Library Needs Your Support Tonight and Tuesday Evening

The Planning Board sprung a wild idea to move the main branch of the Belmont Public Library across town. Weigh in on that plan tonight at the Selectmen’s meeting and tomorrow (Tuesday) at the Planning Board Meeting at Beech Street Center.

Austin’s Story: the Tragedy of Solitary Confinement in our State Prisons

On June 19th at a statehouse hearing on criminal justice bills, including solitary confinement bills, I gave a statement about the young man I visit in solitary confinement in the hope that my experience will reveal this barbaric practice for…

Bill Proposes Way to Make Walmart Pay for its Multi-Billion Dollar Food Stamp Subsidy

  Summary: a bill proposed in the House would levy a fee on Wal-Mart and other employers whose low wages force full-time employees to tap public assistance to make ends meet. 

Sweet Summer Music: Payson Park Music Festival Kicks off June 21st!

In-brief: The Payson Park Music Festival kicks off its 27th season on June 21st with Craig and the Hurricane, generously sponsored by Emello & Pagani Realty and The Spirited Gourmet.

39m US households pay more for housing than they can afford

In-brief: One-third of U.S. households in 2015 were “cost burdened,” meaning they spend 30% or more of their incomes to cover housing costs. Of that group, nearly 19 million are paying more than 50% of their income to cover their housing…

Calling all Runners: Brendan’s Home Run this Sunday

Hey Blogging Belmont readers. Just a reminder that Brendan’s Home Run, Belmont’s longest running 5K race and walk happen this Sunday – Father’s Day – June 18, 2017. Online registration can be found here.  You can also register on Sunday…

Is America becoming a Developing Nation (again)?

I’m always on the lookout for interesting articles about what’s going on with the American middle class, of which I consider myself a member. There are lots these days – frankly: a worrying number. Consider this chestnut from last year, in…