A Poll: How Technology Could Help Town Government Serve Us Better

Hey Blogging Belmont readers and ‘Happy Monday’! I’m writing you in my capacity as the Chairman of Belmont’s IT Advisory Committee and asking you a big favor: five minutes of your time to take this important survey, which assesses how  Belmont residents are engaging with the work of both elected and appointed committees in our town government.

Some background: it is the job of ITAC to provide strategic planning and advising functions to the Town’s departments and committees. As such, we are exploring ways in which Belmont town committees and the great work they do can be made more accessible to you, as residents. Before we can make recommendations about that, however, we need to understand how most Belmontonians interact with Town Government – how you learn about goings on in Town, whether you attend local government meetings (and how often), how you consume the output of Town committees (if at all).

We’re also interested in learning about how you consume information, attend meetings, etc. in your personal and work life and whether you might welcome or be comfortable with new avenues by which Belmont committees can interact with residents.

Please take five minutes (and it won’t take more than that) to fill out this survey. Your responses will go into our report to the Board of Selectmen, School Committee and Library Board of Trustees.

Again: you can use this link to take the survey.