Elections Matter: A Guide to Belmont’s Election (Town Meeting)

Some thoughts on Town Meeting members worth supporting on Tuesday.

Summary: With local elections in Belmont tomorrow, remember to get out and vote! Here’s a list of some of the great Town Meeting candidates who are running for office around town. We have lots of competitive races (a good thing). I’ve broken it down by precinct…let me know if I’ve spaced it and have left off any progressive candidates who deserve support!!

With local elections in Belmont tomorrow, remember to get out and vote! Here’s a list of some of the great Town Meeting candidates who are running for office around town. I’ve broken it down by precinct…let me know if I’ve been daft and have left off any progressive candidates who deserve support!! (Check out the town-wide race recommendations here.)

Precinct 1 (You Vote at Belmont Public Library)

There are 17 candidates for 12 slots in Precinct 1 – so this is a competitive race! Here’s who we think are worth a look to send to Town Meeting.

New Blood:

  • Katherine Bicer: Katherine is a small business owner and Belmont parent. Her spouse, Murat, serves on the School Committee. She is dedicated to our schools serving all areas of learning, including the arts and technology.
  • Reed Bundy: Reed is a Burbank parent and School Street resident who has been crucial in our efforts at Burbank to get the town to promise improvements to crosswalk safety and pedestrian safety around Burbank. He has energy and fresh ideas and will support schools and sustainable small-business growth, plus recreation and walkability.
  • Corinne Olmsted: Corinne is a Burbank parent who is active in the efforts to improve the town library. A supporter of schools and capital improvements, Corinne has shown commitment by already attending town meetings.
  • Emma Thurston: Emma is a Burbank parent with kids at CMS and BHS as well. She is a small-business owner in Belmont, which offers her a unique perspective from the inside of how town policies affect business. Emma also advocates proactive thinking regarding the school enrollment and infrastructure problems. I agree with her that Belmont has been too reactive on these issues historically and it’s time to begin planning strategically for the future.


  • Daniel Barry
  • Carolyn Bishop
  • John Kolterman
  • Katerine Lind
  • Barbara Miranda
  • Yvette Tenney
  • Frederick Paulson

Precinct 2 (You vote at Belmont Town Hall)

There are 13 candidates for 12 spots this year. 

New Blood:

Thomas Lowery

A 10 year+ resident with children in the Belmont public schools. Interested in finding creative ways to increase non property tax revenues, including changes to zoning laws to create new opportunities for businesses to set up shop in Belmont.

Devan Michael O’Toole

A senior at Belmont High School. A “youth perspective” on issues facing our community especially on education!

Amy Trotsky

Focused on four key issues: keeping schools strong, preserving neighborhoods, finding opportunities to develop more commercial businesses and preserving green space in town where possible.

David Zipkin

Keep the schools strong, look for new opportunities to develop commercial tax revenue to take the heat off homeowners. There’s more on David here.


  • Rachel Berger
  • Ronald Geiger
  • Daniel Nolan
  • John Robotham 
  • Gang Zhao

Precinct 3 (You vote at Beech Street Center)

There are 16 candidates for 12 open, 3 year spots – so this is a competitive district.

New Blood: 

Daniel Healey: 

Daniel is concerned about cut through traffic and high-speed commuter and commercial traffic in town. He advocates a working group to look at and address the issue.

James Herron:

A father of two (soon to be three) children enrolled in Belmont Public Schools. Wants to keep our schools strong and also improve pubic services and spaces including the Community Path. Advocates fairness and transparency in government.

Sarah Lemieux:

Supports the schools and continuation of the town’s tradition of “stellar” public schools. Concerned about the number of proposed capital projects and increased school enrollment. “Developments should be appropriately paced to meet needs while minimizing financial burden on residents.”

Mary Stearns:

Longtime resident, current Library Trustee. Wants to work to develop ways to ensure Belmont continues to maintain its excellent schools and improves library and town facilities. Brings management experience to the table.

JJ Rohrer:

Air Force veteran. Chose Belmont for its schools and community. Supports the schools and efforts to grow our town’s tax base and encourage economic development.


  • Sue Bass
  • Lot Bates
  • David Chase
  • Ann Jansen
  • Chris Driscoll McVay

Precinct 4 (You vote at Butler Elementary School)

There are 13 candidates for 12 spots, so the “fightin’ fourth” is a competitive district this election.

New Blood:

Shonool Malik

Belmont homeowner and mother of two school kids. Active on Butler PTA. MIT student development professional. Wants to work to further our excellent schools and town’s new initiatives.
Ogden Sawyer

Loves Belmont’s schools and quality of life. Challenges facing the town are to be sustainable in 21st century while holding on to Belmont’s character. Advocates smart investments in infrastructure, increasing economic and cultural diversity.


  • Catherine Bowen
  • Judith Brown
  • Lawrence Philip
  • Mahon Anne
  • O’Neil Rose
  • Powelstock David

Precinct 5 (You vote at Beech Street Center)

There are 12 candidates for 12 spots here – so everyone in P5 should make it in. Still, here are folks to vote for:

New blood: 

Jeffrey Osman:

Environmental stewardship is Jeffrey’s top priority. Also on the list: public education about effective use of dual-stream recycling. Supports vocational ed options. Remove barriers in town to small businesses.


  • Elaine Alligood
  • Joanne Coakley
  • Julie Schwendiman Crockett
  • Richard Glade Hansen
  • Lois J. Pollock
  • Andrea Serra Masciar
  • John Sullivan
  • Mark Wagner
  • Jeanne Widmer 

Precinct 6 (You vote at Belmont Fire HQ on Trapelo Road)

With 16 candidates for 12 positions, Precinct 6 is quite competitive. Here’s who you should take a look at:

New blood: 

Roger Colton

Hardly “new blood,” Roger is one of the most respected and knowledgeable voices in town politics. He wants to see Town Meeting push the town to adhere to is “vision” to be both fiscally responsible and environmentally sustainable. The Town shouldn’t just respond to crises but work to forestall future problems.
Pari Garay

Focused on recycling and waste management. Interested in looking into weekly recycling pickup and curbside composting.

Julie Kirrane

Hardly “new blood” in the traditional sense of the word, Julie is a 10 year TM member who is standing again after serving a one year caucus appointment. She has a record of supporting schools and improving our commercial districts, capital assets, town services and housing options for residents of all income levels and ages. She is an advocate for the construction of a new Belmont High School (on time and on budget) and supports sustainable development and preservation of recreational spaces.

Priya Adhikari Licht

Small business owner and parent of two kids in Belmont public schools, wants to bring a fresh perspective. Wants to maintain and improve wonderful schools and focus on transparency in town matters, including more direct input from residents and realtime reporting of Town Meeting results.


  • David Alper
  • Karen Bauerle
  • Tara Donner
  • Stephen Evans
  • Suzanne Johannet
  • Jeanne Mooney
  • Elyse Small Shuster
  • Mike Smith

Precinct 7 (You vote at Burbank Elementary School)

There are 13 spots

New blood: 

Robert Neal Imberman

Robert is interested in focusing on long-term planning, maintaining healthy and high quality learning environment despite increasing enrollment. He’s also concerned about traffic speeds in the neighborhood and risks to pedestrians.

Benjamin Joel Meshoulam

A parent and social worker interested in continuing investments in high quality educatin for our students and supporting sustainable development. Benjamin supports continuing improvements in recreational and community spaces that bring residents together including in our commercial districts.

A note from a couple well-informed P7 people to write in Jill Clark for the open one year seat, also!


  • Henry Jacoby
  • Margaret Callanan 
  • Jennifer Kundrot 
  • Steven Kundrot 
  • Donna Ruvolo 
  • Benjamin Geiger 

Precinct 8 (You vote at Winn Brook School)

We have 14 candidates for 12 positions in Precinct 8 – all of them strong candidates. Here’s who to consider for your vote:

New blood:

Marty Bitner:

A father of two young boys and current TM member who was caucused in to fill out a one year term, Marty is also a member of the Energy Committee and is co-chair of Belmont Drives Electric. He wants to promote increased energy efficiency as a means of conserving the town’s financial resources and the environment.

Natalie MacLean Leino: 

Natalie is chair of the Vision 21 Implementation Committee and helped organize both Meet Belmont and Talk of the Town and recently started a podcast interviewing members of various Town committees and departments. Passionate about the schools, promoting and welcoming businesses and seeing the off-road Community Path happen!

Melissa MacIntyre:

After being caucused in to Town Meeting last year to fill a vacancy, Melissa is running this year for a full 3 year term. Vote for her!

David Nuscher (one year spot):

Father of a 16-year-old and strong supporter of public education funding, action on climate change and expanding our tax base. Looking for common sense solutions to shared challenges.


  • Ellen Schreiber
  • Scott Stratford