Brownsberger Holding Belmont Forum on MBTA Cuts – Belmont, MA Patch

An update on the proposed MBTA cuts that could affect Belmont. Sen. Will Brownsberger will be hosting a forum this Thursday evening, March 15, in the Selectman’s Room at Belmont Town Hall to discuss the proposed cuts, according to a story in the Patch.

The meeting starts at 7:00pm. If you have questions in advance, you can call Senator Brownsberger’s Office at: 617 722 1280.


As I wrote back in January, the current plans, dubbed Scenario 1 and Scenario 2 cover the projected deficit by raising fare revenue and cutting service. Scenario 1 is projected to raise annual fare revenue by $123.2 million to $134.6 million, increasing fares by approximately 43.0 percent and saving approximately $38.3 million in operating costs through reduced service($161.5 million to $172.9 million in savings). Scenario 2 raises annual fare revenue by $86.8 million to $104.0 million – increasing fares by approximately 34.7 percent and saving $78.4 million in operating costs through reducing service ($165 million to $184 million in savings.) Scenario 1 is projected to result in a ridership loss of  between 34 and 48 million rides. Scenario 2 by 53 million to 64 million rides.

Both plans anticipate fare increases for both senior citizen and student fares, which are set to 50% of the adult fare. That’s a jump for senior citizen fares from the current 33% of the adult fare. Basically, the big difference is what “adult” fare the student and senior rates are pegged to. In the first scenario, they’re pegged to the fare on the adult CharlieTicket – a higher fare. In the second, they’re pegged to the lower adult CharlieCard rate. Whatever – those tweaks to the reduced fare schedule aren’t great, but they’re kind of besides the point. The majority of the savings in both plans come from two areas: service cuts and changes to The Ride, the T’s service for disabled riders.