Warrant Committee views budgets tonight – Show Up!

Important Warrant Committee Meeting Tonight

A reminder, courtesy of the Belmont Citizen Herald, that the Warrant Committee will meet tonight, Jan. 19, in the Community Room at Chenery Middle School to hear presentations of the fiscal 2012 budgets from general government and school officials. The meeting is scheduled to begin at 7:30pm.

This meeting was originally scheduled for last week and called out in a Blogging Belmont post about some important meetings that will affect the school and town budgets for the next fiscal year. However,  the blizzard forced the meeting to be rescheduled for tonight.

According to Superintendent Entwistle, the meeting will include a video recap of his presentation on the FY 2012 Available Funds budget to the full School Committee on Tuesday of last week. This is basically what the BPS would need to do, programmatically, to live within an “available funds” figure that the Warrant Committee has provided (around $40 million). Assistant Superintendent Janice Darias will be there to respond to questions.

The information presented won’t be any different from last week’s presentation – and all the data can be found online at the BPS Web site here.

Just to reiterate though: we’re talking major cuts across the board in the BPS, so we need parents to turn out in force tonight to send a message that voters are paying attention and oppose the kinds of draconian cuts to the schools that are proposed, including the elimination of art and music education and the dumbing down of graduation requirements at the High School level.