Join Belmont Public Schools’ Community Dialog this Tuesday!

Hey there. A shout out to the whole BloggingBelmont community to remind everyone to carve out some time this Tuesday afternoon/evening, October 27th, to attend the first ever Community Dialog sponsored by the Belmont Public Schools.

The Dialog, which will run from 4:30PM to 8:00PM Tuesday evening at the BHS Field House is an amazing opportunity for community members and other stake holders to participate in a wide open discussion about the future of both schools and public education in our community. To reserve your space, RSVP to Cathy Grant at 617 993-5401 or by email at cgrant(at)

Town residents, teachers, students, civic leaders (including School Committee members) and administrators will all attend. As you may have heard, there is no set agenda for the meeting. Participants will decide which topics are part of the dialog. However, Superintendent Entwistle has identified two “Big Idea” topics that will get things rolling and (likely) lead to other side discussions. They are:

Big Idea: Round 1: “The Belmont Public School District develops the talents and effectively meets the learning needs of every student.” This discussion may lead to big picture conversations about how best to prepare Belmont’s students to be productive workers in a 21st century economy, how to produced motivated learners and engaged citizens, and so on.

Big Idea: Round 2: “The Belmont Public School District is an adaptable, sustainable organization encouraged by the community to pursue innovation and continuous improvement so as to meet expectations for high performance and organizational excellence.” This topic may lead to discussions about how BPS can best use the resources available to continue its tradition of excellence, how to continue attracting the best and brightest to work and study in Belmont, and so on.

This is a great opportunity to make your voice heard, share your big ideas about how to improve public education in town and to help shape the future direction of our schools! I hope to see you there!!