Hello Belmont!

Welcome to Blogging Belmont, a new weblog that’s all about Belmont, Massachusetts, a.k.a “the town of homes.” My hope is that Blogging Belmont (B2) will add a new voice to the conversation going on within town, and also shine a spotlight on some of the people, places and events going on in town from day to day. Publishing in an online blog gives us the flexibility to react to things quickly, to introduce a variety of voices into the town’s news flow, and to use pictures, video and first hand accounts to tell the story of the town.

About me: my name is Paul Roberts. I’m a Belmont Town Meeting member from Precinct 8, and town resident since 2005. I live with my wife and three girls in the Winn Brook school district, where my daughter, Eliana is going into first grade and my second daughter, Shira, will start kindergarten in the fall.

In my professional life, I’m a journalist who writes about technology, as well as topics like real estate and the music industry. My work has appeared in The Boston Globe, Salon.com, as well as The Improper Bostonian, and countless technology publications. I’ve also done some volunteering for newassignment.net, a citizen journalism project, which gave me the idea for Blogging Belmont.