Tonight: Help Shape Belmont’s Housing Future

Boston Elevated Rail Map 1920s

A meeting tonight (Dec 7) at 5:30 will hash out the plan for public participation as Belmont develops its proposal for multifamily districts in Town, ahead of the 2024 Town Meeting vote to approve the new zoning and comply with State law.

Bike path plans rolling along

The planned bike path construction between Brighton Street and Alewife Station is set to move ahead, along with other, more extensive bike and pedestrian access projects. Now about that extension into Belmont Center…!

Update: Train strikes, kills man near Brighton St.

David C. Haverty, 82, of Gale Road in Belmont was struck by an inbound Commuter Rail train and killed this morning while walking along the train tracks near the intersection with Brighton Street.

Crazy Idea #8: Eminent Domain

Note: This is the eighth and final installment of Eight Crazy Ideas for ‘08, a multi-part posting that is looking at ideas, big and small, that could improve our community in Belmont. OK…so it took a bit longer than planned,…