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Election Night: Question 1 goes down big

It’s shaping up to be a big night for the Democrats, but folks on both sides of the aisle are breathing easier in Massachusetts, as Question 1 went down BIG on election night. While all the votes haven’t been counted,…

Rep. Brownsberger: Thoughts on Question 1

There is a moral dimension to this vote. It is morally wrong to abandon the mentally ill, the mentally retarded, the abused children, the working single mothers who can’t afford health care for their kids and the many others who depend on the state for assistance in one form or another. That’s really what we are talking about — it’s not about optional services and it’s mostly not about waste. – Will Brownsberger on Ballot Question 1

Opponents: Question 1 would sap $11.2m from Belmont

One of the interesting revelations…is what a vicious spiral we would find ourselves in, were Question 1 to pass. Why? Because so much of the federal aid we receive is contingent on the level of state aid…As we slash programs to try to shrink our budget, we will also watch federal dollars being sucked out of state and back to Washington D.C., leaving Massachusetts poorer and more desperate than ever.