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Proposed cuts from House, Senate would hit education hard

Proposed cuts to local aid and a variety of programs supporting public education programs could hit Belmont, and other towns, hard.

School Committee meeting Tuesday is opportunity to speak out against cuts

Federal stimulus money may not avert staffing cuts. The School Committee meeting at Chenery Middle School Tuesday at 7:30 PM may be your best opportunity to speak out against cuts to teaching and support staff in Belmont’s Public Schools.

State’s fiscal freefall could jeopardize local aid

A precipitous drop in State revenues could jeopardize local aid payments and eviscerate funding for social services and education. Suddenly “Read my lips: No new taxes!” doesn’t sound so cool.

More Town Meeting Notes (Now Even Notesier)

I’m sitting here listening to Don Mercier grill Tim Richardson of BMLD about easements like he’s Clarence Darrow at the Scopes Monkey Trial. Yep — you guessed it — its another night at Town Meeting.

Get your vote on! Join the town wide canvas for Wellington on May 2nd!

Get involved! Volunteers will hit the pavement in Belmont next week to raise awareness about the need to replace the aged and faltering Wellington Elementary School, and about the June 8 special election to approve the project. If you’re interested in helping canvas in your neighborhood, contact me!


I take heart that more than 900 of you cast a vote for me, beating out a smattering of write ins and that tenacious character Mr. Blanks, who also came within 300 or so votes of unseating Selectman Firenze!

Selectmen agree on June 8 vote for Wellington

The Board of Selectmen voted unanimously on Monday evening to put a vote for a debt exclusion to pay for the construction of a new Wellington Elementary before town voters in a special election slated for June 8 in a Monday evening session that was anything but harmonious.

Get your vote on (and other matters)

Get yer butt down to the polls and vote. Then come out to the Homer building this evening to show support for the Wellington at a critical Board of Selectmen’s meeting.

All hands: Selectmen to take up Wellington vote at Monday meeting

The Board of Selectman will hear from the Wellington Building Committee at a meeting on Monday evening. Show up at 8:00pm in the Gallery at the Homer Building to show your support.

State approves $12.4m for Wellington

Word on the street is that, after months of back and forth, the Massachusetts School Building Authority (MSBA) voted unanimously on Wednesday to approve funding for reconstruction of the Wellington Elementary school. Next up: a vote by the town (within 120 days) on a debt exclusion to fund construction.