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Belmont’s Mean Streets: 86 Bike & Car Collisions Since 2011

Belmont Bike and Car Collisions

There were 86 car and bicycle collisions on Belmont streets since 2011. Three quarters resulted in an injury, data from the Belmont Police Department shows, highlighting the need for more pedestrian- and bicycle friendly infrastructure.

Belmont’s Steaming Ahead to Leave Civil Service. Here are 5 Reasons I’ll Be Voting NO

Quint Jaws

Our political leaders are treating Town Meeting like their rubber stamp: making cost and diversity arguments, but providing no data to back them up and no concrete vision for what happens after we approve their plan. I’ll be voting NO and ask you to join me.

The Thuggish Style in Belmont Politics

A candidate for elected office in our Town of Homes has been the target of physical and verbal intimidation and threats. It’s a crass and thuggish attempt to drive him out of the Board of Selectmen’s race.

Vigil in support of diversity, tolerance in Watertown this Saturday

Vandals burned a Rainbow flag flying in front of the Unitarian Church in Watertown. Was it a hate crime? The Church is sponsoring a vigil this Saturday evening (July 25) in support of tolerance and diversity.

Update: Train strikes, kills man near Brighton St.

David C. Haverty, 82, of Gale Road in Belmont was struck by an inbound Commuter Rail train and killed this morning while walking along the train tracks near the intersection with Brighton Street.

Rash of break-ins hits Belmont, Arlington

A rash of break-ins has broken out across Belmont and Arlington in recent weeks in what Belmont PD investigators think is an organized and professional operation carried out by one or two groups of criminals.

The tree man cometh: fallen limb strikes car on Cross St.

Chalk this one up as a “near miss.” I had just finished up a long run on Sunday morning and was getting into the shower when I heard a “crash” outside and the sound of brakes, not to mention the…

Belmont PD virtual tour (part 2 of 2)

We’re continuing our virtual tour of Belmont’s police headquarters today, with the help of Chief Richard McLaughlin, who gave me a walk around earlier in the month. If you remember from B2’s previous post, the police HQ is in rough…

Attempted abduction near Burbank?

I just received an automated phone call from the Belmont PD reporting an attempted abduction of a 10 year old boy near the Burbank School today. According to the message, the incident happened at 3:25 PM and the suspect —…

Punks beat up on the Citizen Herald

New in the “grounded for life” category…it looks like our beloved Belmont Citizen Herald got more than it was bargaining for with the recent Cassie Norton story in last week’s issue on the “near riot” at the VFW Hall after…