School Committee meeting to discuss full day kindergarten

Just a note to the BloggingBelmont community that there’s an important School Committee meeting tomorrow (Tuesday, Dec. 11) at 7:30 at the Wellington School that everyone should try to get out and attend. On the agenda: The Kindergarten Task Force report on introducing full day kindergarten in Belmont.

Those of us with elementary school children in town know that full day K is a top priority — most other towns (including Watertown and Lexington) offer it, and full day kindergarten classes were oversubscribed at Wynn Brook in the fall (haven’t heard about other schools). With studies showing that full day kindergarten improves the academic performance of children, full day K is becoming the standard across the country, and may eventually be mandated by the state.

Word on the street is that a petition is circulating among a minority of parents who are opposed to this (and I’m all ears for those of you who are opposed). We’ll see tomorrow night. But if you’re for or against — come down to Wellington School Cafeteria to voice your opinion.

Again — the School Committee meeting is at 7:30.  The BHS Madrigal singers will perform for the public prior to the meeting, beginning at 7:00 p.m.

See you there!