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NYT: Literary legend Ray Bradbury fights for local libraries

With all the debate in town about preserving our elementary school libraries, I couldn’t help but note this story on the front page of today’s New York Times about sci-fi writer Ray Bradbury’s crusade to preserve public libraries in his home, Ventura County, California.

An open letter from the Save Our Libraries Committee

A letter from the Save Our Libraries Committee urges the School Committee to allocate funds recently diverted from the Town’s free cash to maintain Library Aide positions. Read the full letter.

Marathon Town Meeting ends with dramatic vote on free cash, library aides

An amendment by TM member Anne Mahon targeted at using free cash to preventing cuts at Belmont High School and preserving elementary library aides looked like a long shot, but won overwhelming support at Town Meeting last night. Where were you when you heard the Cat Leash speech?

Crazy Idea #7: Fill the ‘Golden Bowl’?

Note: This is the seventh installment of Eight Crazy Ideas for ’08, a multi-part posting that is looking at ideas, big and small, that could improve our community in Belmont. On we charge with our Eight Crazy Ideas for 2008.…

(Updated) Firenze: Library, Senior Center call for comprehensive plan

UPDATE 12/25: A rebuttal by Selectman Firenze to reporting in B2 on his statements regarding the Senior Center has been appended to the end of this post. — Paul. This is the third installment of a multi-part post on my…