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Election results: a good (but quiet) day at the polls!

Thanks to everyone who voted in  yesterday’s Town Election. The Town website is weird and hard to use, but I was able to get the results from The Town Clerk’s page and you can view them here: PDF (of course!)…

Opinion: One person’s ideas on Waverley Square

What change should be promoted to encourage a more pedestrian friendly environment in Waverley Square?

Teaching jobs in Belmont: tougher (much) than getting into Harvard

At Winn Brook Elementary, for example, Principal Janet Carey wrote this week that she fielded around 700 applications for four open positions at that school to replace retiring staff or accomodate larger than expected classes: one first grade teacher, two, fourth grade teachers and an art teacher. That’s 175 applicants per position, or an acceptance rate of just over one half of one percent, on average. Compare that with Harvard University’s comparatively generous 7% acceptance rate (2,046 of 29,112 applicants) this year. No surprise: Belmont ended up with some top flight candidates to fill those open positions.

Marathon Town Meeting ends with dramatic vote on free cash, library aides

An amendment by TM member Anne Mahon targeted at using free cash to preventing cuts at Belmont High School and preserving elementary library aides looked like a long shot, but won overwhelming support at Town Meeting last night. Where were you when you heard the Cat Leash speech?

School Committee responds to BCH editorial

The following is a reprint of an email from Superintendent Peter Holland to BPS parents. The email addresses a recent dust up between the Belmont School Committee and the Belmont Citizen Herald over promotions and pay increases to BPS administrators,…

Roads override? Bring it!

The results of the first-ever bloggingbelmont readers’ poll are in, and they show strong (if statistically suspect) support for the upcoming roads override vote on June 9, as well as for the likely debt exclusion vote for Wellington Elementary. Forty…