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School Budget cuts would mean layoffs and fewer, larger classes

There were no smiling faces and no easy fixes as the School Committee walked through potential cuts, including the elimination of AP courses at the High School level, science instruction at the elementary level JV sports and community service programs.

The high costs of doing nothing

The town’s older schools are going to require capital investments that are 10x to 20x greater than the one new school (Chenery) in the next few years…and these are just the repairs that we know about.

School Committee weighs budget, other issues

After a long hiatus that included the Thanksgiving holiday and a trip to Moscow, I’m back and sitting in on Tuesday evening’s omnibus School Committee meeting, at which a number of issues are being tackled, including plans for a new…

Schools Superintendent Holland looks back on 20 years

This is the first of a three part post featuring an interview with outgoing Schools Superintendent Peter Holland. You can view the second part of the interview by clicking this link. As many of you already know, Belmont is losing…