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Bike path plans rolling along

The planned bike path construction between Brighton Street and Alewife Station is set to move ahead, along with other, more extensive bike and pedestrian access projects. Now about that extension into Belmont Center…!

Thinking of going solar? The pros and cons…

Curious about going solar? CNET pays a visit to Arlington resident (and green tech reporter) Martin Lamonica’s home to check out the pros and cons.

Homeless families at Gateway Inn need help

75 homeless families including an estimated 100 homeless children are being put up at the Gateway motel on Rte 2 in Cambridge. The families are staying for 2-3 months on average, and living out of hotel rooms equipped with microwave ovens and mini- refrigerators. They need help from the community. Here are some ideas of ways to help these families in need.

Alternatives for towns facing cuts to libraries?

Next door in Arlington individual donors had stepped in with funding to preserve abbreviated Sunday library hours, at least through May. Will Belmont residents do the same?

Rash of break-ins hits Belmont, Arlington

A rash of break-ins has broken out across Belmont and Arlington in recent weeks in what Belmont PD investigators think is an organized and professional operation carried out by one or two groups of criminals.