In Praise of Dropping Out: ‘UnCollege’s’ Path to Success

Came across this article in my online ramblings. It’s interesting, especially as the societal conversation about the rising costs of college and what you might call the ROI (return on investment) of post secondary education. There’s also the undeniable fact that 4 additional years of lectures and term papers and classroom study isn’t for everyone. Certainly anyone who went to college can name a few folks like that.

This piece profiles Dale Stephens, the 20 year old “dropout” who started UnCollege, a movement for folks who think that College is just “old technology.”  Dubbed “hacking your education,” UnCollege is kind of like a Khan Academy for 20 somethings – minus all the instructional video. Its really more of a manifesto right now to get young people to “deschool their mind” – think about what they’re really interested in doing and how they might achieve the learning and skills necessary to do that. With tuition at private colleges tipping $50,000 a year, and alternative, online models proliferating, I think UnCollege is on to something – what we need isn’t necessarily more folks in four year college, but more options for students of all stripes: training for skilled and mid skill professions, internships and apprenticeships for younger students, as well. Its worth a read. Check it out: