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More ideas for greening Belmont

An interesting article in the Sunday Globe presents some ideas on making cities (and suburbs?) greeener by “retrofitting” existing infrastructure. Check it out.

Thinking of going solar? The pros and cons…

Curious about going solar? CNET pays a visit to Arlington resident (and green tech reporter) Martin Lamonica’s home to check out the pros and cons.

Climate plan calls for personal, municipal changes

A draft release of Belmont’s Climate Action Plan calls for big changes in both personal and municipal energy use in order to cut Belmont’s carbon emissions by 80% by the year 2050.

Crazy ideas for 2009: Change a light campaign

BMLD or some other entity orchestrates a door to door campaign offering free bulbs to homeowners. Volunteers could help screw them into their outdoor fixtures ON THE SPOT.

Municipal Light Dept. falling short on Green Choice Program

Having set the bar low for adoption of its new Green Choice renewable energy program, it now appears that the Belmont Municipal Light Department is in danger of tripping over it. According to BMLD CEO Tim Richardson, just 87 BMLD customers have signed up for the voluntary green energy program — less than 1% of BMLD’s 9,600 customers, and short of BMLD’s already modest goal of signing up 100 customers for the program.

Room to improve on green initiatives in Belmont

One of the issues that’s facing our town (and state and nation) in the coming years is the environment and how people can learn to live more lightly on the land and leave a smaller environmental footprint. There are goings…

Lights out on lights out

As reported in today’s Sunday Globe, it looks like the town’s plans to turn off its street lights is back on the shelf. If you’ve been following this in the town paper and online, you know that Town Administrator Tom…

An energy efficiency “barn raising”?

I recently heard about a kind of barn raising opportunity that’s in the same spirit: a home weatherization barn raising. The invite comes from the Cambridge Energy Alliance, a city-sponsored non profit group. The idea is simple: a bunch of folks get together to help a neighbor winterize their home. In the process, everyone learns something, while the host gets a jump start on energy saving measures for winter – installing pipe insulation, switching to a programmable thermostat, and so on.

What’s your Walkscore?

One of the things that’s so great about Belmont, of course, is its proximity to…well…just about everything. We’ve got some great shopping districts with shops, restaurants, Starbucks and, as we on Town Meeting know — BANKS! Step back and we…

Crazy Idea #3: Cogeneration & demand-response electricity pricing

Note: This is the third installment of Eight Crazy Ideas for ’08, a multi-part posting that is looking at ideas, big and small, that could improve our community in Belmont. In the first installment, I talked about introducing a resident…