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Spelling Bee volunteers wanted

The annual school spelling bee is approaching and volunteers are needed (adults and student volunteers, both). Please help make this year’s spelling bee a success.

Recommended listening: education, democracy and the meaning of intelligence

NPR’s Speaking of Faith featured a great discussion with UCLA Prof. Mike Rose this week. Rose asks the big questions: “What is the role of education in a democracy?” “Why do discussions about education tend to fall into the same ruts?” “How do we balance a need for accountability with a definition of education that goes beyond test scores?” Check it out.

Superintendent issues statement on tragic death of Belmont High student

Belmont’s Superintendent issued a statement expressing shock and sadness at the tragic death of a Belmont High School Senior on Thursday afternoon. The teen was struck and killed by a train on the tracks behind Belmont High School.

Community Dialog – inspiring!!

There were signs from the start that my fears about a lightly attended or lackluster Community Dialog were misplaced. Maybe it was the long line of attendees –spanning three generations –waiting to sign in. Or maybe it was the inspirational video of the Black Eyed Peas leading a 20,000 person flash mob through a choreographed dance routine that kicked off the event. Whatever the case, the Community Dialog started off strong…and then got better.

Join Belmont Public Schools’ Community Dialog this Tuesday!

Carve out some time this Tuesday afternoon/evening, October 27th, to attend the first ever Community Dialog sponsored by the Belmont Public Schools: from 4:30PM to 8:00PM Tuesday evening at the BHS Field House. This is an amazing opportunity for community members and other stake holders to participate in a wide open discussion about the future of both schools and public education in our community. To reserve your space, RSVP to Cathy Grant at 617 993-5401 or by email at cgrant(at)

Upcoming events: Community Dialog and state budget talk

Two events to put on your calendar: an October 13 chat with Massachusetts House Ways and Means Chairman Charlie Murphy on the state of the State’s budget. Then set aside the evening of October 27 for an important Community Dialog on the future direction of the public schools.

Updated Wellington plans available online

The Wellington Building Committee has posted updated site plans for the new Wellington Elementary School on its Web site.

The New School of School Committee

Tomorrow (Tuesday) evening at 7:30 in the Chenery Middle School Community Room, the School Committee will be holding the first of a series of Workshops to provide for more open dialog with the community.

Summit on Wellington traffic, safety issues Wednesday

One area of discussion and concern with the New Wellington is with the impact of the siting of the building on parking and drop-off/pick up space. Some neighbors have voiced strong concerns about traffic on adjoining streets, and fire and public safety officials want to make sure that the new school will be easily accessible by emergency vehicles in the event of …well…an emergency. Now an important meeting has been called to help address the traffic concerns. Wednesday, September 16 at 7:30 PM in the Board of Selectmen’s room at Town Hall. It will involve members from the Planning Board, the Traffic Advisory Committee, the Board of Selectmen, the School Committee, Wellington PTO, the WBC and the Fire Chief, Police Chief, and Building Inspector.

Obama’s radical message to kids? Dream big. Study hard. Don’t quit!

The rancor over President Obama’s speech to children tomorrow doesn’t reflect well on either side. As is often the case in brush ups like this, the needs and opinions of the kids in question have been pushed to the side…the better to clear space for the grown ups to fight. Hopefully President Obama’s words will put the debate to rest. His message: dream big, study hard, and don’t give up – no matter the odds.