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School Committee opens a loophole for Freshmen sports

Faced with a roomful of worried parents, the School Committee bends (a bit), giving tepid approval to an effort to raise private funds to maintain athletic programs that fell victim to a failed override effort. That’s good for Freshmen…maybe…but is it sustainable?

School Committee to discuss privately funded Freshmen Sports

The School Committee has tacked on an extra meeting onto its calendar to address the pressing issue of funding Freshman Athletics at Belmont High School. The meeting will be held on Monday, July 12, 2010 between 6:00pm and 10:00pm in the Community Room at Chenery. Are we seeing the beginning of a grass roots revolution in public education…or just middle class parents with their backs to the wall? Time will tell.

How we get over(ride)…meeting tonight

With a vote on a proposition 2 1/2 override due on the ballot on June 14, its time to get organized and make sure that the override passes. There’s an important meeting of the Warrant Committee, School Committee and Board of Selectman on Wednesday and an organizational meeting tonight for those interested in joining the campaign in support of a Proposition 2 1/2 override vote. Check it out!

Monday vote brings clear choices

Monday, April 5 brings an important vote for Town Meeting and a raft of town-wide offices including Clerk, Selectman and two School Committee positions. With less than a week before the vote, I thought I’d weigh in on my picks (and BloggingBelmont’s endorsements) for the various offices.